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Using K-Drive while Tranq Gun is equipped causes inability to cast powers


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After the last couple of hotfixes (either .9 or .10, not sure which), I ran into a pretty irritating bug where hopping onto your K-Drive while your tranq gun is equipped (or an echo lure) causes an inability to use powers or switch to your Operator. After some extra investigation, there are a few more related bugs as well, and some other notes:

  • You get back off of the K-Drive with the tranq or lure still equipped.
  • It is accompanied by your normal weapon and ability HUD returning to normal, despite the tranq or lure still being equipped.
  • It happens whether you use your gear wheel, a hotkey, or run up to the K-Drive to manually get on.
  • Swapping to your normal weapons does not fix the bug, and holding 1 or 2 will cause the conservation item wheels to appear while your normal weapons are out.
  • Aiming down sights with the tranq or lure (NOT with a normal weapon) causes the bug to fix itself, and restore HUD back to the conservation items.
  • Swapping to your normal weapons, then back to the tranq or lure (causing the conservation HUD to reappear), THEN back to your normal weapons will also fix the bug.
  • It does not happen with Archwings. (The tranq or lure gets unequipped.)
  • Getting onto a K-Drive while the tranq gun is equipped will keep the map indicators for conservation, but NOT if a lure is equipped. (Not sure which one of these is the bug, but I hope the latter as I tend to go between points while on the K-Drive.)

Getting onto a K-Drive while a fishing spear is equipped has sort of the opposite effect -- you are able to use powers while the spear is out, and lose the ability to use the fishing gear wheels.

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