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Weapon arcanes.


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Brings in a lot of weird overlapping mechanics that risk leaving certain weapons completely outclassed. Take for instance, you would put Exodia arcanes on high stat weapon while most gimmick weapons would be completely tossed aside as you can simply get another potentially stronger extra functionality. A good comparison to make is how this would pit Glaives against every other weapon in the game as you might be able to throw projectiles in the air with every other weapon while having strong, reliable stats. Essentially, weapons with a unique built-in mechanic kind of lose a lot of their charm as you can use every other melee weapon as a Grenade Launcher.

It's a very dangerous can of worms to open, especially since we're talking about the more unique and abnormal Arcanes like Contagion, Seeker and any other future Arcanes. Meanwhile, if we're just going to introduce a bunch of generic Arcanes like the Amp ones to all weapons, then it's no different than just more mods like Argon Scope with an extra mod slot.

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