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Invictus the powerful


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- health: 275 at 0 and 575 at rank 30

- Energy: 100 at 0 and 200 at rank 30

- armor: 450


Ability 1: Raze

Holding causes Invictus to fire a continuous beam of (?) energy after a brief charge up, dealing ?/?/?/350 dmg a second with ?/?/?/50% stat chance, increasing the enemies dmg taken by ?/?/?/15% a sec, up to 90% for 20 seconds. 2.5 energy a second with a 7 energy activation cost

Tapping causes Invictus to fire a single beam that explodes at the point of impact, dealing 1000 blast dmg with a 100% stat chance, at a 3/4/5/7 meter radius. 20 energy cost


Ability 2: density change 

Invictus changes his density, increasing his toughness. 

?/?/?/70% dmg reduction. 10 energy activation cost, 3 energy a second channel, caps at 90% with power strength- while active reduces cost of Raze by 30-40% (?)


Ability 3: Inspiring Soar

Invictus takes to the skies, (archwing style controls) and is rendered unable to use his primary. casting time and energy cost of Raze is reduced by 40%, boosting its dmg by ?/?/?/40%. Invictus inspires other frames, increasing attack damage by ?/?/?/35%, also reducing dmg taken by ?/?/?/30%. 50 activation cost, 2 energy a second.


Ability 4: ?

Invictus gathers his energy, releasing a AOE explosion in a 10/12/14/16 meter radius, dealing ?/?/?/2500 heat damage. 10% of dmg dealt is converted into health and split between Invictus and his allies. 100 energy.



Please suggest some things guys, idk what to put here


Looks: could anyone draw up a concept they think might match his abilities? I’m no great hand at sketching xD

Ok, that was my first concept for a frame, please feel free to suggest improvements and balance changes, I would really appreciate feedback!

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