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Moa Death Trap


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My pet moa's pathfinding led to it jumping into the electric water in one of the caves on orb vallis. The first time this happened it was close to the edge and I was able to revive it repeatedly - it nudging a bit out of the water each time. When attempting to move away from the electric water it fell in again, this time ending up in a spot too far in for me to be able to revive it without dying. 





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5 hours ago, HalidarSilvercloud said:

The same happened to me with a MOA and a kavat. They won't move away from the electrified water and will keep dying over and over again. I solved it using the operator, but I think companion AI could use instructions to avoid environmental damage.

This, and should have Khora' kavat' teleporting ability to teleport to player when too far away... 

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