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Nyx Revisit Feedback


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With the upcoming changes, I thought I would throw my ideas out and give my opinions on the proposal. I have written this in other places so apologies for those who have already read it.

Side note: I do not touch on any augments as I use none, nor do I own any.

Mind Control: The proposed additions sound pretty good. I would have to play with it to see how significant it really is but it sounds awesome.

Psychic Bolts: The proposed alterations to this sound good too, but I really hope to keep the Radiation aspects. The Slash could stay or go as far as I am concerned. If the Slash is kept, maybe make other enemies "blood crazed" and deal more damage to each other or something. I would have been happy with an Energy Reduction. It's already great for long range on the open level areas. It could also increase in damage or effects the farther it travels. Giving use to its long-range capabilities.

Chaos: Let it layer again. There was a tweak a few weeks ago to an augment and it hasn't worked the same since. Otherwise, it's fine.

Absorb: I really don't like this skill. I only use it occasionally to blow up multiple environmental/mission objectives. Obviously, Magnetic damage is pretty undesirable currently. However, I suggest adding a ragdoll state to enemies if sufficiently charged. Also, it could give nearby friendlies overshields or something to that effect. Alternatively, it could provide friendlies with temporarily reduced energy costs for skills(or the next one cast) by increasing their level of confidence. Believe in the Nyx that believes in you!

Passive: This is what really worries me. I actually think Nyx's current passive is pretty good. The only downside it really has is that it doesn't affect the Infested. This could be remedied by adding a periodic Impact proc or stagger or something.

As far as I am aware, the proposed passive would decrease enemy accuracy against Nyx only. This is objectively inferior in my opinion. It does nothing against AoE weapons such as Ogris. It also doesn't prevent the projectiles from hitting your teammates. While unlikely, it's certainly possible. A chance to remove their weapon completely is much better in my opinion. Stripping the Supra, Ignis, and Ogris is a huge boon to Nyx as well as the party.

As someone who runs ESO, the accuracy debuff from EMP Aura is almost irrelevant when that Supra winds up. Quality is irrelevant when the quantity is still overwhelming.

Also, enemies that are disarmed are usually under Chaos or Radiation. They tend to run towards each other. This makes weapons with AoE attacks and Punch-Through much more viable.

As far as I am aware, the proposed change to the passive also has no benefit against the Infested.

Removing a gun is a 100% reduction in enemy accuracy.

That's my take. Feel free to disagree or think some of it is silly. I'm not married to any of it. It might even be too late to write this singular piece. I really like Nyx and think she is a very strong frame currently despite having little to no direct damage. She is easily my favorite and I only want the best!

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