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K-drive mastery questions



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I posted a test I made here yesterday:


Seems, there is a bug and

K-Drives give mastery like weapons (maxed at 450k affinity), but rank up like warframes and sentinels (maxed at 900k affinity).


So, basically, you get mastery too soon and are maxed out at around Rank 22.


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21 hours ago, HansLuft778 said:

Shold be 3k per board. But keep in mind, its still bugged, which means only crafted K-drives gives XP, bought ones not. Hopefully they will fix it soon. 

I have bought 1 from day 1 

No problems with getting Xp for it

The only thing i can't see is the k-drive in the profile - completion

but iam sure that i get xp

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