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preservation spawn


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i tried to farm my rep as usual by hunting kubrodons in orb vallis and when i tried  searching for the spawningplaces, there were none for them.
spawns for bolorolas, verminks and pobbers were showing up as usual. so i reloaded orb vallis. 
the second time only the spawnplaces for verminks and pobbers were showing. and the third and fourth time on pobbers. I tried waiting for a bit, because maybe it was just my pc or something
so i fished for 15 mins. after that looked again on my minimap for the spawns but again only pobberspawns.

i know there are other ways to farm reputation but hunting is imo one of the most fun ways to do it, the only problem with hunting pobbers is that it'll take 2 hours xD

Edit: i equipped the new oxylus sentinel at the time with it's 2 mods scan lifeforms and scan matter
        it seems that scan lifeforms was the root of this problem

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