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Super Loud Audio On Every Startup


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Every big patch resets my audio settings to max, which makes the game super loud (as was the case with the 9.8 patch the other day). But, since there were changes to the game audio, it's understandable. So, I set the sliders to where they usually are. Problem solved, right?


Nope. Now every time I log in, the audio is maxed despite the audio sliders still being turned down. Now I have to go into my audio settings every time I start the game, move the slider a bit, and hit confirm for the audio to normalize.


Please fix this DE.

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This is the wrong section. Should be in bugs. That being said I already posted on this issue and one DE took note and said they'd get on it, so worry not.

It can really be in either since this is feedback, but it is, more accurately, a bug. I always forget that the bug section exists though since it's so far down the page. >_<


At least they're aware of it and hopefully it'll get fixed soon.

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