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The Steam Awards 2018. Nominate Warframe and Digital Extremes.

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I can't see it, Fortuna came out too late in the year to affect the game's performance and WF is still lower compared to other, bigger project and budget games with Devs in general busting their asses to keep things working after rushing everything.

I'll nominate DE for awards when they start balancing and fixing the stagnant pile of redundancies and problems in game, and when these kinds of awards actually matter in an inflated industry.

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Am 22.11.2018 um 11:15 schrieb TheErebus.:

Did I do it right?18ea330d7da5b5b8fb30d23e65ad8710.jpg

"Best Developer" Cancelled PSO2 for West release, release PSO2 for the switch still wont release it for the west.

Rainbow Six Siege best game, by a trash company that wont acknowledge Account database breach, gg

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