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Affinity bug for MOA weapons


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It seems there is a bug for the affinity on the pet MOAs weapons.


As most people should know affinity from kills by other players are given to your equipment as well. However it seems that this isn't the case for the MOA's weapons. As you can see in the image above, all the other gear are receiving amazing affinity but the Cryotra barely received anything.

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Seems to be only the case if equipped on a Moa though - you can level them just fine when using them on Sentinels.
I would guess that the game somehow isn't really considering Moas as 'Sentinels/Pets' in certain instances - maybe that has something to do with Moa names not shown correctly in groups when you're not the host. The new companions seem to have quite a few flaws and bugs to be ironed out at this point. For example - even after the alleged bugfix - I rarely see my Moa using Whiplash Mines - especially in groups where I am not the host.

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