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Rivens 2018




I have an opticor riven, puncture, dmg and cd. Opticor is nice to have but it's not always handy. So with the riven changes of 2018, I was wondering if I should look for another riven. Which rivens are good nowadays (primary, secundairy and melee)? I see that the rubico rivens are populair.

I like to blow up ships as well as fighting eidolons and other bosses.

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7 hours ago, Grayfox1990 said:

Suggestions for secundairy and melee?

For general usage:
Secondary: Euphona Prime, Prisma Twin Gremlins, Pyrana Prime, Synoid Gammacor, Twin Grakata
Melee: Orthos Prime, Guandao, Gram Prime, Caustacyst, Lesion

For specific usage with a riven:
Secondary: Lato Vandal, Spectra, Vasto Prime, Dual Toxocyst, Secura Dual Cestra
Melee: Orthis Prime, Destreza Prime, Caustacyst, Glaive Prime, Nami Skyla Prime, Gram Prime

Just keep in mind that riven dispositions can be (heavily) changed at any point that DE wakes up to their power and potentially ruin an amazing setup.

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