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Conservation simply bad design. (Feedback)


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Conservation looks good in theory, and would be very fun to do as an activity, but there are so many flaws.

Some points. Feel free to add more.

- Animal type tooltips written on the echo-lure: You can read the description on each echo lure, what that animal is, and where to find them. E.g. Near the mushroom trees, or near the lake ect. But this is pointless. As soon you equip the tranq rifle, you get the icons on the map where animal poop can be found. But even if in theory poppers are next to mushroom fields,  and virminks are near the lake, in half of the cases i go to a mushroom field, an a virmink poop spawns, and when i go to the lake, a popper poop spawns. There should be an actually working concept behind this, so you know where to go and hunt, or you could focus on a specific animal that way.

- Echo-Lure: It's a pure luck game.When you get to the lure point, the goal is to find the proper direction and the proper echo frequency. On paper. But there is no actual mechanic behind this. At least we could learn the calling tun of the animals and imitate it. Or at least the call frequency slider would give us some hint how to get closer to the required frequency. No. Instead, you just have to turn around and push/pull the mouse up and down while using the lure, and if you are lucky, you will hear the response call from the animal.  Many time it works (dunno or bug or not) if you just aim on the cadaver at the lure point.

- Footprints: Don't know who designed the footprints, but that person has probably some sort of colorblindness. Footprints are glowing on the snow like Christmas trees, and then it reaches a mushroom field (they are always walking through a mushroom field) and the footprints disappear. They are not glowing no silhouette, nothing. Many times i even missed the footprints completely. Not a single footprint was going towards anywhere from the poop. It's a bug i think.  And why having a "follow the footprint mechanic, if you can just run into the middle of the yellow circle, and equip codex scanner and see the highlighted lure point?

- Animal spawns after echo-lure response: Animals are spawning freaking close. As soon you get the echo response from the animal, you will hear/know (when you have a proper headset) from which direction the animal will arrive. So you have most of the time a very limited amount of options where to hide. They are spawning so close, that you have barely time to hide. THis is especially an issue since there is theoretically a mechanic that the wind can alarm the animal of your presence. If the animal is arriving exactly from that direction, in which the wind is blowing, well good luck.

- Wind: there is no indicator to know from where the wind is blowing. You say, your Syandana? And what if you don't use any? or one which is not a cloth or cape? There should be a built in location specific mechanic. 

- Kubrodon capture: Is it normal that after they spawn, the Kubrodon is totally ignoring the cadaver and rushing towards me. Often even if you hit it with 2 shots, it just disappears.


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As a max rank SU that leveled it all through conservation (take it for what it's worth) :

1 ) Actually, when you have a specific lure equipped, the map only shows hunting spots for that animal. I agree that they should be more closely linked to their biomes, however. RN it's purely random. Still, it's possible to focus a specific capture type.

2) First time you call with a lure, there's no rule. That moment is crucial for spotting the position of the animal, thought. Second call, you just need to match the position of the indicator on the lure bar (keep blue fluttering thing into the grey bracket). It's a very simplistic minigame, but there is NO luck involved whatshowever at this point.

3) As a colorblind, believe me, this was NOT designed by a colorblind bloke, because as hard as it is for normal people, it is absolute HELL for us to follow those tracks. I agree they need a better overlay/shader. all types of scanners should increase the visibility of the tracks. Same goes for the tranq rifle scanner, but in reverse. It hides the Bolarola's soft spot in a bright flash of white light, making it almost impossible (at least for me. But ofc, I'm a posh bastard with Ivara so I don't care).

4) Oh boy do I agree with this one. We cannot position ourselves further that 15-20m in any direction of the feeding spot to make the last call, meaning that, if the creature is directly downwind from us, we sometimes do NOT have enough time to reposition properly without alerting it. Kubrodons make that particularly obvious, depending on the environment's geometry. Basically, hunting Kubrodons + calling upwind = nearly impossible to get a perfect capture.

5) Watching the snowfall's direction gives you where the wind blows, as does the movement of herbs around (althought, the herb's swaying isin't precise enough). Honestly, if you want to actually help yourself, you WILL use a Syandana that sways in the wind, or attachents that catch the wind a bit. It's sad that the best method for spotting the wind's direction is to pay plat for cosmetics, but DE can always say that between the snow and herbs, you get "enough" cluse, and they are theorethically correct.

6) This happens specifically when calling upwind. if it happens every time, it's because you weren't far enough from the spot when doing the second call.


All in all, not a bad design, IMO, but the bugs and finer details are really grating. And the omnipresent and omni-air-dropping corpus patrols are making it even worse.

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It's actually fairly easy to 'hunt' the animals although I've had times when things have spawned a long way away and take ages to get to me only to then be killed by nezha's halo (still not fixed)... ivara makes it all fairly easy though I'm not sure if it has a 'scent' when cloaked. 

Could the highlights be a bit more obvious to see, yes, would it be nice for it not to be white on white, same goes for the highlight on the animals. 

I would like a little more variety in my animals too, all the lures are in my gear wheel but I have a very high bias towards virmink and pobbers... 

Mind you my biggest let down is the 'conservation' sentinel, it's basically pointless to use it as it doesn't really give us anything worth using it for.

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