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Observations of Arbitrations and movement speeds.



Ages ago I had heard or read, though i think at that time it was specifically for conclave, that movement speed with melee is reduced in conclave. Well, with the advent of Arbitration, a new realm has been reached with people leaving matches when they die. This has afforded me an unprecedented opportunity to observe movement speed changes when people leave. It seems like rather than  speed change that is graded by the number of players, it is certain players of low speed set the bar. When they leave speed goes up. The game for me is 100 more times more fun when i can move as fast as possible and I have spent a large amount of time making my frame's and weapon's builds to suit me. WHat is the current rule ( I AM ON PS4) suppose to be. What are precisely the factors to be concerned with because it wasteful to use speed perks if they are 'nullified' and just take up space. If it is connection speed based then ill have to search for  people that have better connections.

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