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Catchmoon Buggy Hitboxes


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The Catchmoon appears to have some bugs in when it's decided that it collides with something.  Mostly that it seems to be stopped by the slightest disturbances in geometry:


The catchmoon when viewed in Captura has clear projectiles that are supposed to determine when it collides with something or not:


The small cyan colored balls centered on the projectiles.


However, it doesn't seem like these detection projectiles are being used properly, there's several issues with the current Catchmoon:


Cannot shoot around corners easily:


The actual "bullet" of the catchmoon seems to not actually be determining whether or not it collides with something, pretty glaring here where I'm shooting over a rail:


A longer multi-frame example where I try to shoot over a rail from lower ground:







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Have also noticed that, on uneven ground (Cetus or fortuna), the projectile will not fire because it keeps hitting the ground, even when aiming high to compensate. Love my little kitgun but it collides with everything. Perhaps some kind of punch-through would help.

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