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Conservation call points and targets spawn behind the invisible wall in the Deadzone


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So, I came across this two times while hunting Bolarolas. You find some poop on the right of the Temple of Profit, then you venture forward following the tracks until you reach the "Deadzone", or end of the world, or end of the map, or whatever you wanna call it. It's there where the call point is. Generally, even if you can't reach the call point, cause the winds will push you back, you'll still be able to call for the animal. But then you'll have to pray they don't also spawn behind the invisible wall, or else they're a lost cause.

Pictures in action:


Call point, can't reach it: FvHRLAf.jpg

Bolarola, can't reach it. I'm hovering with my face in an invisible wall right there, not even a roll will move me forward anymore:

Map. Blue dot is a general location of where the poop was, white arrow is where the invisible wall is, the Bolarola is a bit outside of that

Please fix! I really enjoy the Deadzone's atmosphere, but, it's frustrating when you see your target right in front of you and know you know you can't get it because of an invisible wall.

Thank you for your time!

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