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Aiming problems. Walking too. Deadzones when inputing from ONE stick at a time.


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So I'll repost what I wrote on reddit in thread on reddit about aiming issue:

too long; don't care - There's huge deadzone when you input from one stick. Deadzones dissapear when input comes from both sticks at the same time. Also it has nothing to do with input delay.

Ok, so what I found out is that deadzones are like that (<<<XXX|XXX>>>) in both directions when you bent your stick. Absolutely unplayable when you try to aim while standing.


The moment you try to imput from BOTH sticks at the same time, deadzone turns into (<<<<<<|>>>>>>) so basically it registers even slight incline (as it should).

You can test it by pointing your camera down and release RIGHT stick. Try to slowly tilt your LEFT stick forward to move, you won't walk as you would expect but as you tilt stick to 50% of the radius it starts to register and you character starts to RUN even though slowly.

So if you do the same thing but you try to tilt RIGHT stick down (to look further down, so camera doesn't move but it registers input anyways) before tilting LEFT stick you'll start to slowly WALK right at the moment you try to tilt it.

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I thought it was just a problem with the physical sticks that nintendo uses.. Yeah I've noticed that if I'm standing still and trying to aim, its terrible.. or that if i'm not looking around and i try and run, the deadzone is huge.

But I never tried moving and aiming

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I am having the same exact issue with Switch and Pro Controller when I try to aim the left stick it is not accurate, feels very sluggish and even when navigating the menus makes it super impossible. I tried spending an hour or so adjusting the sensitivity and it snot helped one bit. 

Why are no reviews mentioning this issue. Are all your switch reviews paid? This made me turn off the game. The pro controller should be perfect why did I spend $60 on this if it can't be used with Warframe. Can anyone suggest how to fix the issue? This is bad guys.

On the PS4 I am not having this same issue. This means the guys who ported your game didn't test controllers properly. Why don't you address this issue. This makes your game impossible to play on Switch. It's like a huge input lag. I realize you did a good job with graphics but this is bs guys fix your game.

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