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The broken sniper


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Now this isnt actually a sniper but zenith is as close to a sniper an assault rifle will get it got a 10%disposition buff and the secondary fire works like a shotgun but each bullet does 150 base but my question is my friend is almost at day 100 and with the daily tribute rework can he get it at 100 with azima and zenistar 

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Ok thanks because i just unveiled a second zenith riven using my zenith and i gave him my old one so i'll have to tell him he can get it in 18 days but im hooked on it with 10% cc and 34% sc on primary fire it can actually be viable for crits with a riven and secondary can give rubico prime a run for its money now with its extra bullets the closer you get up to 9 with split chamber 

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Actually, it's not so much a sniper and more of a wallhack DMR. The secondary fire fires a single bullet that has unlimited Punch-through to be used in combination with the radar disk.

In the long run though, it can't really compete with the output of weapons like the Rubico or Lanka because the ammo drain and lack of sniper scope bonuses means that it starts to fall off sooner than the Sniper rifles.

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Kinda hard to read, but...

Firstly, the Zenith is more like a convertible DMR/LMG, than a convertible SR/Shotgun. Secondly, you shouldn't judge the weapon by its Rivens. Also, sniper rifles have zoom level and combo meter mechanics for even more damage, Zenith does not. Thirdly, Condor Dropships have Ferrite Armor, so you're actually dealing extra damage.

That being said, Zenith w/o rivens is perfectly balanced due to its mechanics, stats and ammo inefficiency:


  • High RoF
  • Ammo inefficient
  • No PT
  • Low crits
  • High status


  • Low RoF
  • Medium ammo efficiency (5 rounds per shot)
  • About 100k PT unless blocked by Impenetrable materials
  • High crits
  • Low status


Wait 'til you see Riven'd Kohms.

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