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The lonely forgotten warrior


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With all the new focus on open world stuff like fortuna, I feel like DE has really forgotten what makes the game great.

The neglected hero of Warframe, wearing a red scarf.

He isn't much of a talker but he gets the job done.

That's right I'm talking about CLEM

DE pls give us more clem related content.


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1 hour ago, Firetempest said:

Winter event needs a winter Clem spector with a festive hat.

Or Cressa Tal poster in a sexy Santa outfit... :inlove:


Anyway, back on topic, I would like to see another quest that gives a bit more back story that show how the whole Steel Meridian uprising began...maybe a series of missions where we work with Clem and other SM operatives to thwart the efforts of Tyl Regor, Sargas Ruk etc.

Matter of fact, we've had several quests that outlined the origins of most of the factions. Be nice to see further quests that dig deeper into their back stories as well.


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