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Please add autorun for your Elder/Disabled players.


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I'd suggest trying a controller unless you are already playing with one. I have arthritis and a nice collection of other conditions that affect my joints, muscles and nerves so playing with keyboard&mouse is often just too painful, slow and awkward so I play most of my PC games with a controller. The buttons are much easier and faster to reach atleast for me and playing with a controller puts less strain and tension on you palms and fingers. It took a while to get comfortable with the aiming, but I can play for hours without any pain.. well aside from the chronic pains ofc.

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12 hours ago, Acanthaceae said:

I have fibromyalgia and now arthritis and I can only do a mission or two before my hands become too painful to play.  Allowing my warframe to move forward with an autorun toggle would relieve this somewhat.

It would be nice if sprinting speed wasn't so slow compared to sliding/bullet jumping, since those are considerably faster and far more input intensive.

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