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Nyx need to be more than she is in missions


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Right now nyx has no place cause there a lot of frames out perform nyx in mission. She should be one of the best buff and debuff frame cause she is physic. That means she has a physic field around her that causes a buff to allies damage but not by much cause will give them more confident and remove doubt from allies mines and do the opposite to the enemy.

I would like if was like equinox 3th ability but it has 3 stages in it range like the first might be 1 to 3 meters the second might be 3 to 6 meters the third might be 6 to 10 meters there just an explain how it can be done.

The buffs and debuffs will be different like the buff is stronger in the third range over the first range but the debuff is weaker in the third range than the first and i hope the these buff and the debuff will be % base and affected by power strength.

I hope you can also add this affect to the mine control target which will make the ability more use full.

Can you make this ability a drin instead of durration cause it will cause make it harder to mods her.

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4 hours ago, (XB1)LostKnightSouls said:

Right now nyx has no place cause there a lot of frames out perform nyx in mission. 

Wrong. Nyx always has a place, except maybe in Spy missions. She can always contribute. She might not be strictly necessary, but she's never a bad choice. 

As for outperform, I reject the premise. I play her very frequently and I don't see anyone doing things I can't do as Nyx, except maybe whip through Spy missions while ignoring laser barriers. 

I wouldn't object to some tuning up to make Nyx more Nyx-ish, which is what it looks like we're getting with her update. 

Not seeing a problem here. 

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Shes a psychic warframe that Crowd Control. She cant even deal decent damage above 60 lvl.


To be honest they should make her psychic crowd control and support warframe. A warframe that debuff through psychic.


Mind Control - Now cast around AOE for multiple target allies with the rework DE intended.


Psychic Bolts - Augment - turn into AOE ability when equipped, allow to overshield allies and companions by 50% of their max shield. Slowly heal allies for 3% max per sec (nyx rework by DE should be implement as well).


Chaos - will not attack Nyx and her allies and only attack to the Mind Control target group (in conjunction with the DE rework where attacking MC target improve their DPS the more damage they take).


Absorb - when explode, Nyx increase maximum Energy (not current energy) by 50% and improve efficiency by 50% for 10 seconds.

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6 hours ago, (PS4)atpbx said:

 then they nerfed them both...

Nova has seen some adjustments, but I barely play her so not really up to speed how significant they were. 

Nyx hasn't been nerfed. DE has attempted a few adjustments to Absorb some time ago that had to be reverted because of unintended consequences. Later they've made some QoL changes that were quite positive. 

Again, I reject the premise as it concerns Nyx. 

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