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PC to Switch migration time frame


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I've searched and googled to now avail.

I've read that the time frame to migrate from PC to Switch is for a limited time only. (as it was on other consoles)

  • Does anyone know or have an idea of the amount of time we will have to migrate our accounts from PC to switch?
  • How long did people have to migrate on other consoles after release?
  • Will DE announce the deadline date in advance?

Reason is that I'd like to take time to spend some Plat and farm as much on PC as I can before doing it. Therefore I will have less grind to do on the Switch and i'll have plenty Frame and weapon slots ready to go. Might also but a bunch of OR and OC. I did toy with the idea of starting fresh but then I remembered the grind I put in to get some of the warframes (I cant go through harrow and equinox farm again!) as well as the fact I've purchased a fair amount of stuff already.

Thanks in advance.

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