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[BUG] Slash Dmg Procs not bypassing Raknoid's armor


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level 155 Raknoid takes 297 slash damage per tick 

level 155 Raknoid without armor takes 7152 slash damage per tick. Slash is not bypassing armor as it should be.

level 155 heavy gunner takes 28610 damage

level 155 heavy gunner without armor takes 28610 damage

If you look at the enemy info on the codex its armor type is listed as "Robotic", its neither ferrite nor alloy, I've heard reports that the same problem applies to ghouls and orb vallis hyenas.

" Slash damage's status effect is Bleed, lacerating the enemy with a damage over time effect that deals 35% of the source's innate damage per tick for 7 ticks over 6 seconds as LotusBlack True damage"

"LotusBlack True Damage is a hidden, unique damage type which has no damage modifier against any health (including shields) or armor type and ignores the damage reduction from Armor"





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