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Disarmed Kitgun Impossible to Recover


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During the Sortie 1 today (Survival, Grineer) a Drahk disarmed my gilded kitgun (Rattleguts, Haymaker, Killstream). I was unable to pick it back up - there was no model on the ground, and no other way to obtain my dropped weapon. I saw the blue indicator on the minimap to show where it dropped, but nothing I could do would let me pick my weapon up from that position, likely because there was no model visible. Even a forced revive after being downed didn't return it. 

I haven't gotten duplication steps narrowed, nor repetition to verify the probability of the bug occurring, but here's a rough shot: 

1 - Equip a Kitgun in the Arsenal.

2 - Enter a mission where Grineer Drahk enemies can be located.

3 - Keep the Kitgun armed, and allow Drahks to attack you, until they've successfully disarmed the Kitgun. 

4 - Attempt to locate the disarmed kitgun. Use the minmap to assist with locating the position.

Result: Kitgun model and pickup indicator are missing from the world, preventing pickup.

Expected result: Any disarmed weapon must show the model and the pickup indicator in the world, so it may be picked back up by it's owner.


My apologies if this is a duplicate! 

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