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Cannot scan Gorgaricus Sacs / No Orb Vallis Flora in Codex


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The Gorgaricus Sacs cannot be scanned by the Synthesis Scanner, regular scanners untested. It can, however, be scanned by a Helios if you position the Helios close enough to it, wall latch near or inside of it, or Ivara Dash Wire close enough.

With my Helios having a field day in Orb Vallis, I had assumed I had scanned Gorgaricus Sacs to completion. It was while running around with my scanner while hunting that I noticed it was orange, Mytocardia Sacs of course are green, as they can be scanned normally. Repeated attempts on multiple sacs showed the outright inability to scan them. It was only when I was gliding close to one that I heard a scan sound, and discovered they could be scanned, but only by the Helios when close enough. There must be some object surrounding the sac that acts as a wall that prevents scanners from targeting them, and only be pushing the Helios through it, can you get a scan.

While checking on this, and trying to figure it out, I also found that neither the Gorgaricus nor Mytocardia sacs appear in the Codex. Perhaps the plethora of new objects just hasn't been implemented yet.

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