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Ivara Bug when playing as Client- Stationary Bullet Jump breaks Prowl.


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Prior to a recent patch, Ivara could perform a Bullet Jump while remaining in Prowl, so long as the player wasn't holding the 'Move Forward' Key (W by default). However, a recent bug seems to have broken this behavior when the player is not Hosting.

When playing as a Client in Matches, performing a standstill Bullet Jump is breaking Prowl. Again, this is a Bullet Jump where the player is NOT holding the forward key (which intentionally breaks Prowl), but just hitting Ctrl+Space while stationary.

One can Solo/Host a match and see the maneuver working like normal (Prowl remains intact throughout the stationary Bullet Jump), but it is broken at any and all times when you play as Client.

This is a recent bug, either from the Fortuna Patch or one of the subsequent Hotfixes.

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