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Implementing Archwings and K-drives on Normal Missions as Briefly used Gear Items.


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this concept is not as simple as allowing us to spawn k-drives and archwing normally on regular missions, similar to how they are used on Free Roam maps. no, this would cause major balancing issues. but it still would be nice if there was a point to leveling up archwing and k-drives beyond free-roam utility.

my suggestion is to make archwing and k-drive launchers function like normal gear items, where they are only breifely used and on a cooldown when used.

we have various gear items like turret spawning, life support tower spawing, infested bait, and many many specters.

so say that upon launching an archwing, it simply activates short animation, casting an ability related to said archwing before disappearing. there would be 4 different tiers of archwing launchers, determining the ability your currently equipped archwing casts upon launching via gear item. it would be fair if only one archwing launcher can be equipped to the gear menu.

now, for example, I have an Odonata equipped with a teir 1 archwing launcher within my gear menu. upon activating the launcher, i briefly equip my Odonata, hovering in a stationary position while the ability Energy Shell is casted automatically for a certain duration (duration possibly determined by duration mods equipped on either the archwing or warframe).

range and power would be reduced for each archwing to make everything fair, though range and power may still be determined by the equipped mods on a warframe or the archwing itself.

this would give archwings more utility beyond free-roam or sharkwing.

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