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Dual Weapon Suggestion


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I want to start by saying I am sorry if this is not in the right area- I could not find where to put player suggestions into as I am new to the forums. I am also sorry if this has been addressed before or otherwise.

Okay, my idea is simple in some aspects and I had a few friends who told me to ask about this. What if dual weapons had separate coloring? Take dual Skanas for example- one in right hand white and one in left hand black. Sorry for such a bland example, but I thought it could add a lot of character to some people's designs. 

Once again, I apologize if this is incorrectly formatted, placed, or otherwise. Thank you for reading, and have a good day.

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35 minutes ago, Ada_Wong_SG said:

Definitely going to do this to dual pistols.


Literally one of the reasons I don't use Aklex Prime more is the lack of ability to do this.

This option already kind of exists with Nikana as the Sheath has separate colouring to the blade.

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