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War Within - Can't accept login rewards!


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I'm stuck in the War Within quest because of a bug that makes the Golden Maw invisible and impossible to see its pathing trail, and as a consequence I cannot break out of the quest so with each new login i am immediately thrown back into where I left off which completely bypasses the login reward acceptance screen.

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3 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

We will take a look at your account and see what's up / what kind of fixes are needed!


I'm unable to know for sure, but after I re-logged I didn't get (or see) the login reward option which makes me think that (a) The game thinks i have already taken the reward and did indeed give it to me even if i didn't click the button or (b) The game just "assumes" I accepted and/or clicked the accept button and may or may not have given me the reward and just threw me straight into the War Within quest line again or (c) The mere act of logging in resets the login reward acceptance timer thingo regardless of whether or not the reward was accepted or not - but i doubt that because I'm sure I have quit the game in the past without accepting the reward and upon logging in again a little later still had the option of accepting the previously non-accepted reward.

Of much greater concern to me at the moment is that I cannot progress within the quest because I can't see the worm's movement path - combined with the "you can't break out of the quest even if you log out" thing, means I'm totally locked out of the game essentially.  (I assume you're also aware of other forum posts about the invisible maw thing).

Anxiously looking forward to a fix or workaround.

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