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Ability Activation while fishing / Hunting: Its Possible! (But I think I found a hotkey bug)


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Hey all,

I was just trying to make my life a bit easier by setting my bindings up to make hunting a smoother process. While looking at the bindings, I realized that you can activate abilities while having the fishing / hunting equipment out. Heres how:

  • Select the ability you wish to use (I use my scroll wheel to do this since I'm on PC.)
    • Possible Bug: Keys 1-3 are shared between my Activate Ability 1-3 and the 'Select Sub Gear 1 -3' bindings.
                             I have Num 1-3 as the secondary hotkeys for the abilities. No secondary hotkeys for the 'Select Sub Gear' bindings.
                             I cannot activate abilities using the secondary hotkeys if the Fishing/Hunting Sub-Gear is on-screen (meaning I have the Tranq or a spear equipped).
  • Use the 'Activate Ability' hotkey (if you have it bound).
    • This will activate the ability you selected using your 'Select Next/Previous Ability' hotkey.
      • Note: I recommend having the 'Display Selected Ability' bubbles on. You can find this in the 'Interface' menu.
      • If none of the bubbles are active, you have selected Ability 5, which will pop your operator out.

  • QOL Request:
    • When using Ivara, you can still cycle through her different arrow types using this method. Unfortunately, you won't know which one you have selected because the indicator is replaced with the hunting/fishing HUD. Even with the 'Ability Banner' shown on cast, it will not display the new selection until you actually fire off a round. Please make it so that it will display the newly selected arrow on selection change.
      • This would apply to Vauban and Khora as well as any other frames I'm forgetting about with multi-abilities like this.
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