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A few suggestions for Revenant's Enthrall


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Man it's been quite some time since I came to these forums, what better way to come back than some good old suggestions for Warframes right? I have been keeping an eye on Warframe, it's not like I stopped playing, just too many things happening in Real life to formulate cohesive feedback but now I'm back, so let's talk Revenant.

Revenant seems to suffer from an identity crisis for Abilities, except for his Ult so that fabulous thing will not be touched. For now I will just focus on Enthrall

Now enthrall its interesting but its functionality seems a little counter intuitive, he makes a guy into a puppet and it can spread the disease, cool! but it can only have a few at a time. And when they die they turn into pillars of light that damage enemies, but they are often far away from enemies unless your mind controlling the melee units, which can be difficult if your melee guy hits a ranged one while you're trying to get more melee thralls. See the problem here? The ability fights itself.

I got two different but simple changes:

A) Lets make Zombies

Thralls will be disarmed, relying on their melee weapons and Increase their Movement speed.

Thralls can turn other enemies into thralls on contact.

- Movement speed affected my either power strength or efficiency.

- Max Thrall capacity affected by either Duration or Efficiency (or both).

This is meant to be more of a rushdown strategy, this will take advantage of enemy abilities like Enthralling a Heavy gunners makes essentially a giant zombie that rush enemies and smash them, good for tanking and crowd control. Or Enthralling a few Butchers now you got speedy teleporting Zombies.

It would open up the potential for the ability and have better synergy with itself and Revenant since he seems to focus in mid to close range combat. And havign the max Thrall count be affected by Mods could open some dilemmas for players as more speed could mean less thralls and more thralls could make them slower.


B) Fight as one

Thralls will attack enemies, Enthralling any enemy they damage. Thralls remain close to each other and an energy tether will spread out the damage with each other evenly.

- Remove the Pillar of light.

- Damage spread affected by Mods (Efficiency or Strenght)

This is to make more durable minions, you could have a Squad of Big bad bombers blasting away anything that gets in their sight or maybe a bunch of angry Chargers that now are surprisingly harder to kill, especially if you can add an Ancient Healer into the mix. Or why not a couple of Shield lancers with Heavy gunners on the back.

Note that the link is for the Thralls only, to create a dream squad of tough minions to either back you up from range or angry melee pets to aid your carnage.


Other Quality of life changes

These are changes I tough about that should be added regardless of witch change you guys like more, mainly to make Enthrall more efficient:

- Let Max Thrall be affected by Either Strength, Duration or Efficiency. Maybe two at once. I personally would choose Duration and Efficiency.

- Casting Enthrall on an enemy while having max Thralls will disenchant the oldest Thrall and turn the new enemy. Disenchanted enemies remain stunned for a second before they can react again.

I had a few ideas for the interactions with his abilities but there are some changes I got planned for them so gonna wait till I finish them up.


Closing thoughts

That's all I got for now, Revenant has potential to be a really fun frame it just seems his abilities need to be organized properly, I decided to start with Enthrall since it's the easiest one to the funnier potential for changes. And don't worry Mesmer Skin and Reave, already looking at them to see what could it be done for them.

If you ask me I vote for the melee Zombies, seems to be more suited for Revenant's play style as a Close range pseudo tank that feast on enemies and allies alike. Although you could have the other one as an Augment if someone does want to have a death Squad of tanky units.

Plz don't take my word for granted, these are just my suggestions. Feel free to leave some comments and have a discussion about our old Sentient buddy.

Thanks for your attention.

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4 minutes ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

Why not? Right now it has no functional impact on gameplay. I don’t see any kind of buffs to it making it more impactful. Better to completely scrap the whole thing in favor of something more Eidolon or Sentient related.

Who says this isnt a Sentien power we are yet to see, and i do feel this ability could work with a few tweaks.

Like i mentioned earlier making the Thralls basically suicidal berserkers.

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33 minutes ago, The_Sharp_Demonologist said:

Who says this isnt a Sentien power we are yet to see, and i do feel this ability could work with a few tweaks.

Like i mentioned earlier making the Thralls basically suicidal berserkers.

The whole Enthrall ability is from the “vampire” theme they put into him. I honestly don’t know where they thought giving us an Eidolon frame wasn’t enough that they’d go and shove a whole nother theme into him.

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9 hours ago, The_Sharp_Demonologist said:

I understand, i heard about the story behind it but i do believe there could be a Sentient unit capable of Mind control, i mean after that whole thing with Stalker i wouldnt be surprised.

Stalker didn’t get mind controlled, he just made a deal with Hunhow, and got some sick looking armor and sword out of it.

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