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Custom Hotkey Bug: Removed other hotkeys


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See another thread Here, which is what led me to this issue:

I believe the Default for ability activation keys are 1-4, and 5 being transferrence. While playing around with the hotkeys, I wanted to try and add a second set of bindings to the 'Select Sub Gear' actions. Unfortunately, this broke ability usage.

After setting a secondary binding, the game warned me that I no longer had anything bound to my ability keys, which I had not modified. The only reason those might be touched, would be if the code saved both the primary and secondary keys no matter which are entered (which makes sense, since setting a secondary key will default to going to the first is the first was not set prior).

Steps I did that brought out the bug:

  1. Open up your custom hotkey menu
  2. Notice that the Abilities and the Select Sub-Gear items share hotkeys 1-3 by default.
  3. Attempt to add secondary hotkey to the Select Sub-Gear items.
  4. Notice that it has deleted the hotkey for the ability which had that hotkey already set.
  5. I set the affected abilities to have their normal hotkeys again. (This did not delete hotkeys anywhere else).
  6. Attempt to use ability: It was opening the Sub-Gear menu instead, even with weapons equipped.
    1. Also, the indicator for the selected ability and the crosshair dissapeared after this bug occurred.
      1. Abilities were still functional if using the scroll wheel and the 'Use Selected Ability Button', but no indicator on which was selected.
      2. Zooming in with the tranq gun showed the reticle again, and brought that back to the unzoomed view
      3. Once the reticle and the 'selected ability' dots were visible again, hotkey usage returned to normal.


  • This was done on Orb Vallis in SOLO mode.
  • This bug only occurred 1 time. After that, I was unable to replicate it. Like I said, I was unable to replicate it despite multiple attempts.


Edit 2:

Reticle disappearing bug 100% repeatable. Posting the relevant info in UI bug reporting thread here:


Edited by Robbery525
Found another bug, originally noted here into a different thread in the correct forum for that bug.
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