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Riven mod sale

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please add me with a message saying which riven you want because I don't check the forums too often :tgexpredator


[akbolto sati-concicron] 1.4k

+112.3% critical chance

+96.4% multishot

+72.2% projectile flight speed

-42.6% fire rate

21 re-rolls mr16

[akbolto vexi-insidra] 600p

+50.5% fire rate

+97.7% puncture

+72.7% electricity

-52.1% status chance

6 re-rolls mr14

[hek vexicron] 600p

+59.1% electricity

+58.6% critical chance

8 re-rolls mr11

[twin vipers armacan] 300p

+154% multishot

+71.2% ammo capacity

7 re-rolls mr15

[grakata feva-acritox] 1.8k

+90.2% toxin

+122.2% critical damage

+57.6% reload speed

-86.6 status duration

4 re-rolls mr11

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