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Operator headgear fashion restricted, why?


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I got a pretty simple question im wondering if anyone has the answer to, does anyone know what the reason is that some operator headgears auto disables facial and ear accessories?

I mean sure theres clipping, buuuuuut then you could just take em off yourself. Dont see the need to auto disable beacuse of that. Hell the clipping might even be useful or look badass somtimes. Potentialy at least.

Could it be a technical thing? Now im pretty much as far away from a master of coding, programming and the like as I can be, but would there really be any techincal difficulties with that? We got plenty of stuff thats clipping with other stuff throughout the entire game dont we?

So yeah im just curious as to why this is the case, would be really unfortunate if it couldnt be implemented. Would love to be able to weart one of those cool face masks that just got in from tennogen alongside the ceno helmet (Onkkos hat).

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