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The Spiral Gear Wheel is deleting slots in two different ways


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Two bugs that have happened to me more than once. Firstly, if you remove a piece of gear (or even switch it to something else in some cases), it will move every slot behind it up by 1. I don't know if this is a bug, but it needs to stop happening for players that use hotkeys like myself. I don't want to re-do my entire gear wheel everytime I have to change one thing.

However, there is a worse bug, that is certainly a bug, that I experienced just now. Every slot after 17 just straight up got deleted. Completely gone. I noticed it when I went to hack a console and it said I had no ciphers equipped anymore. I believe this happened for one of two reasons. First, I changed my gear wheel'ed fishing spear to the upgraded one. This was on a 1-12 slot, which doesn't produce the same problem as I stated above, so I thought it was fine. The only other culprit I can think of is when I went to use a Specter at one point. Either way, please DE, it's been a while now since this gear wheel released and it's GREAT except when I have to re-do the entire thing due to one of the above.

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