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Pathing AI problem


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We know AI kinda doing some stupid thing if pathing is bad, they stuck between the boxes.


Pets and Moas sometime do that, but they can teleport irregularly which is half bad.


Nyx's Mind Control AI follow the same enemy AI, it tries to hide and seek cover. Thats bad if the rework comes but the AI still trying to hide and not help do any dmg.


Revenant's Enthrall has similar AI to Nekros Shadow of the Dead (idk the name) they dont hide and seek cover, they become meatshield the instant they get the debuff.


Nekros's Shadow of the Dead has the best "relocate ability".


I propose this, ANY warframe or future warframe should gain relocate button to force teleport your brainwashed allies. But this is band aid to the main problem and hopefully DE fix the AI pathing soon.

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