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Fix k drive


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K drive is fun tool though have some disadvantages unlike the archwing

1. You can use you secondary and primary in archwing mode, but in k drive you can't use them

2. Each Archwing have its own abilities (I only own odanata, but i know how the other Archwing works), but for k drive? There's absolutely no difference between k drives, the only differences is their speed and jump height

So here the fix that I think it could work

1. Eaither let us have the ability to use our secondary in k drive, or give us some kind of tool that can be use on k drive mode. Like a rope to grab the enemies, swinging them around and deal damage to them or give the parts in k drive like the nosehave some damage property like ramming to the enemies deals damage that depends on the speed of drive and ragdoll them.

2. Have each parts have it ability and status

Like this 

Reactor = energy capacity + 1st ability

Board= status base + 2nd ability

Nose= damage property + 3rd ability

Jet= speed that calculate your speed + 4th ability

I have put this in the k druve forum 

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