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Ivara hops, Ember bugged vulnerability, Javlok, and Tekko


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Ivara can bullet jump from standing still without breaking Prowl, but only when she's the host. You have to let go of WASD to do it so you don't start with a slide as muscle memory dictates. It's cool to move around like you're playing leap frog with the froggiest frame, so please normalize that! It breaks Prowl either way (WASD or not) if you bullet jump from midair, as hitting crouch to do so will seemingly trigger a miniscule slide. If that can be altered a bit too, I'd appreciate it. It's not downright faster than rolling during Prowl, but it does solve some awkward movement moments.

This Ember situation is quite involved. When using a Quick Thinking build and Ember is at 2 points of health and well-stocked energy, I was getting kicked back to Ember several times immediately after swapping to Operator. I thought I must have been using World on Fire, because channeled poweres like that will allow the warframe to take minor damage while swapped to operator instead of no damage. I looked, I wasn't using that power, but I DID have a Fire Blast circle running. Apparently the game treats that as a channeled power and makes your frame vulnerable in operator mode, even though Fire Blast is a single cast that creates a lingering fire circle. Fire Blast also is also unchanged by high or low power range, this may be an oversight or (sadly) intentional.

This Ember build also included Adaptation & Fire Repellent so that I could utilize Ember's passive for safe power and energy regeneration, but I noticed that I was often not set on fire when I expected to be after shooting myself, and was still gaining energy as if I was, but at a reduced rate than actually being set on fire. I checked the HUD icons to make sure it wasn't just a visual difference. My weapon of choice for this is Javlok.

Javlok has its own issues. It often disappears when it should be lodged in terrain, but it also often disappears because while lodged in a ragdolled corpse, the enemy blinks out of existence with my Javlok instead of lying around for a few seconds and then fizzling away. Sometimes you can see the Javlok get lodged in an enemy that survives, but then the weapon quickly disappears while the enemy remains. You may also reliably kill yourself sometimes from stagger/landing animations interrupting a charged throw, as the throw will then occur as soon as you're back on your feet. It's already really hard to mod this weapon to benefit both firing modes (punch-through & multishot), and on top of that it just deletes itself and YOURself a lot. Liking any of the spearguns is an exercise in abuse and misfortune.

Tekko, the bladed fist weapon, is placed too far forward on the hands. The grip section floats in front of the frame's fingers instead of between them. It makes the business end look like a battle scoop.

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