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Inspiration Hall Limit


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3 inspiration halls!? Why? Why so little? I understand DE doesn't want people creating like 80 of them, but limiting it to 3 is honestly depressing. I was so amped until i realised i cant make any more. And now i have to redesign my whole dojo again. Just because I was a couple weeks late in starting my reconstruction. Maybe if it didn't take so long to delete all the rooms, and if the dojo wasn't glitched with changing the spawn point for so long, I would've made it in time, but no.

I don't understand why we have to have 5 clan halls just because we want a big clan hall, but we're limited to only 3 inspiration halls, I'd gladly trade all my clan halls for inspiration halls.

There are quite a few clans that were lucky enough to build a bunch before the change was made, but it's not like they were made to delete all but 3, so clearly having more isn't a problem. I don't understand why the change was made. Does anyone know why this is a thing?

Just increase the limit, even if we have to buy the inspiration halls with platinum, and even if building one decreases the room count limit by a bit.

Did Picasso only create 3 paintings? Imagine if he was only allowed 3 Canvases.


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