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Login failed, check your info. (Playing on different ps4)



Soo since my internet died for a while I went over to my pal's place to play Warframe on a different PS4. It didn't seem to work and it just told me that the login failed and that I had to check my info.

I've tried all I could, like restoring licenses, reinstalling the game, making a Warframe account to link my PS4, and none of those worked. A little help?

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6 hours ago, (PS4)KingXigo said:

Email? Or Warframe Mail? w h e r e ?

So far as i know as it goes with 2fa you would get an email with an code to activate the specific account to the console or pc that you have

For pc this is 100% the case

new ip new computer same account needs an verification number to see that its realy you

if you search this mail you need to look at this 


This can be seen as spam mail .. but in fact this isnt spam

some mail boxes are trouble makers

-- so the email that you use normaly to login would be the mail adres to activate warframe anywhere as long you have that 2 steps verification active

check you information on warframe.com/user and check everything if this is correct 

if it isnt active .. then its reccomended that you use 2FA

Good luck there 

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