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I was playing Mirage P, wanted to test something with my Cernos P, and when i was shooting , my doppelganger's didn't shoot. I thought the arrows were invisible, only to find out my doppelganger's didn't shoot, by testing on some enemies.

Also Hydroid's 3 Undertow water effects are invisible, making Hydroid's Curative Undertow even more ussless.


EDIT: I went to Captura to see if anything changed, and sadly not. Until i realised, that the bow shot the arrows in a strange way, see for yourself ;> . Also something worth mentioning, is that Ogris with Napalm augment only forms one fire thingy, that for Mirage.

Added screenshots for both cases with Mirage/Hydroid.727e7e7f24df6a25c840e518f79f9d0a.jpg80c1a9bc4ce1445016c1b1d31b68c181.jpg

Note, while it's easily seen in this picture, thanks to many edges, this is legit invisible on ground, for example in a Corpus/Grineer/PoE/Fortuna tilesets

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