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Need A Flux Build To Reference



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I'm a big flux fan myself.  I built mine for pure damage.  Max serration, max split, all max elemental damage (including hellfire AND wildfire), all max.  It doesn't need faster reload, fire rate doesn't affect it, and I just carry ammo boxes.  Of course, ammo boxes are phasing out, but hopefully we'll be able to craft ammo from our useless salvage or something.  Anyway, max damage is just so friggin awesome on the flux.  You melt through level 100+ heavies like butter.

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Make sure you put cold damage on it. When you have several enemies moving horizontally or diagonally you put the beam out there and instead of swiping you just hold it steady. The first enemy will get slowed and the second will catch up and get slowed, then the third, and so on until everything that was moving is in a nice neat line getting pierced.

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The 5 agreed upon mods are:





Piercing Hit


Then the other 3 are:


Crit/AP build:

Point Strike

Vital Sense

Bane/Hammer Shot


Elemental (Rainbow) Build





Single Ele Build

1 of Stormbringer/Hellfire

Bane Mod

1 of Wildfire (Infested), Ammo Mutation (HL-Defenses), Fast Hands/Clip Size (utility)


If you choose not to use Shred (for some reason), you *must* build without +fire or +elec damage. Not using those elements will cause all enemies killed to gib or shatter, un-impeding the beam.

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