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Location-based Elemental Infested Eximus units


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Due to the painfully small selection of eximus units available to the (non-ancient) Infested, could the elemental eximus effects (fire, ice, and electric) be added to the pool for chargers, leapers, and crawlers, depending on the environment they're in? It woudl play into their theme of adaptation and development, and ever so slightly change up fights with them in different locations.

For example, an infested on the snowy plains of Venus or Europa might have Ice eximus in their number, while infested on Ceres or on board Corpus ships might have electric units, and fire eximus could be found on Grineer Galleons, Mars, and Jupiter.

Perhaps you could even add a life-steal eximus for ancients and the venomous eximus for the light infested while on the Derelict, to reflect the age of the infestation there

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31 minutes ago, Xenoraptor said:

Is that how they work? I honestly thought they just had significantly extra health, though life-steal makes more sense as an actual mechanic to differentiate them.

Yeah, apparently they have life-steal along with extra health.

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