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Orb Vallis T5 Bounty 'Find Caches' Mission: Warframe Not Responding


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So doing tier5 Solaris bounty to get rep/bonds, get to stage 3 'Find Caches' in one of the cave systems and proceeded to do so.
Upon finding 2 of them nothing of note happened (spammed E-interact to open both)  but at third cache(still spamming E when opening) the game hung completely and nothing happened and the typical windows 7 (Not Responding) in window title. Now recreating said bug is quite difficult as bounties shift missions etc.
And whether it actually is the caches/hackable terminal in caches/location of caches/something my teammates did and not related to caches at all are all possible, but just in case I've made this report.

Was the host of 4man Matchmaking PuG.

EE.log final message was with nothing after:
1157.887 Script [Info]: Encounter: Caches: Cache opener is host

VS the prev ones:
1157.887 Script [Info]: Encounter: Caches: Cache opener is host
1158.155 Script [Info]: Encounter: Caches: 3.3
1158.155 Script [Info]: Encounter: Caches: Cache 2 opened

The cache was located in the cave just west of Harindi crater(the one with the electrified water and weight puzzle)
1135.884 AI [Info]: ENCMGR: Encounter /Lotus/Types/Gameplay/Venus/Encounters/DynamicCaches started at DynamicRandomEncounterHint at pos [(697.065, 62.607, 15.7961, 0)]

I've backed the EE.log up in-case its needed in full.

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