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Conspiracy theory


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Conspiracy stories.

It is the case that this week I got 2 riven mods for secondary.
It was the case that I always enter the warframe app from my work to verify object and realize that these two rivens were not in my list of mods which I found strange.

Yesterday I unveiled them and both were mods for kitguns. coincidentally 

Will this be a method to predict if a mods is from kitguns or for something in general? Is it simple that the app is not updated, or was it just a coincidence?

I have 2 more veiled rivens but in this case, they are both on my list, on contrary of the mentioned before. 


as you can see here, i have 4 rivens: 2 melee and 2 secondaries, but it show only 2. Then after unveiled both of then was Kit-Guns.RdaBIzK.jpg

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To go back to the Topic, the App is usually behind the PC Version, so ist very likely it doesnt have kitgun rivens der (It also was missing the pyrus Project bps till 90% of the playerbase were done). Its not gonna be forever, but for Now you should be able to identify kitgun rivens with it

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