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Cryotra gets no exp


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I crafted the cryotra weapon for sentinels/MOAs and when I equipp it it gets no exp from any source. I have leveled several kitguns from 0 to 30 and other weapons, even two moas from 0 to 30 and gilded with no result. The cryotra just gets no EXP for me. 

Anyone else having this bug?

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I had my Moa equipped with the Cryotra. It DOES get XP for the Cryotra, but at an extremely slow rate. My Moa which I just forma'd went to Rank 15 via gathered experience while my Cryotra only got up to Rank 1, almost Rank 2. So yes, it does get XP, but for some reason it's REAAAAAALLLLY slow on Moas. Weird Bug indeed.

Edit: Put it on a Sentinel, and it works fine. Honestly, it makes my Helios Prime look AWESOME. Did the same 10 wave defense and got 15-16 ranks while my Moa only got it 1 and a half ranks for the same time. So yeah, Moa aren't good for leveling up the new weapons. The XP gets lost or something.

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Update about Sentinel
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