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Excavation missions seems to be broken.


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I've done countless Excavation missions in Warframe. They tend to go smooth and are a fun way of getting relics, credits and cryotic. But today it was just awful to play excavation! I needed cryotic for a Banshee prime part to give to New Loka in order to climb the ladder with them and i decided to go with a simple excavation. Took Inaros with me to do 10-20 rounds to stock up on cryotic. Got my hands on a power cell early on and took it to the extractor. Once the extractor started there was no enemy in sight. So i ran around the place and found a couple enemies, but no power cell carriers. So i waited for a while, some minor enemies came but no power cell carriers. And after about 5-7 min one came and then no enemies for about 2 min. Ran around the place like a bunny hopping crazy person to find enemies but non to be found and this is how the whole mission went on. I did the same mission last week for 15 rounds and it didn't take me a long time but the mission today took me 30 min for 5 rounds.

So did DE poke in the Excavation missions or what is going on??


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