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Does normal tigris scale well into endgame with oberon



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If you're concerned about scaling into endgame, I'd recommend getting a Tigris Prime for that. It's just better in every conceivable way.

Also, TigrisP gets a lot of its damage from all those Slash procs (ESPECIALLY against heavily-armored targets), and it'll proc slash very consistently if it hits 100% Status.
The TigrisP can get to 100% Status with all four 60%-60% mods, but the regular Tigris falls slightly short (reaching 95.2% Status with all four mods)... and because of the way status chance is calculated for weapons with multishot (especially shotguns), there's an extreme difference between 100% Status and ~95% Status.

If you want to use regular Tigris over TigrisP, then you'll need to spend an extra slot on Shotgun Savvy, or replace one of the 60%-60% mods with Nano Applicator and always be aiming. Honestly, neither is desirable-- just work your way towards a TigrisP.

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Regular Tigris does not scale well. But for amusment, here's a 100% status build without even using a forma (because sorry, I can't be bothered to forma my regular Tigris a couple of times just as an example)




Want to see the difference with a fully built Tigris Prime?



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