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Compatibility problems with audio interface


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I have just bought an audio interface and use it as the main output of all the audio from my pc. This works fine, however the audio started to freeze and would only resume after I reconnected the interface or re-enabled it on Windows Sound Control Panel. I looked through help on audio forums and found an appealing solution that said to make sure that all applications that are using audio have the same sample rate and bit-width as the interface.

The reason why I'm mentioning this issue here, is because it seems to happen only when Warframe is running, as yesterday I didn't play it for the whole day and nothing happened, while sometimes these freezes can occur as frequently as in 30 minutes intervals while playing it. Looking at the sound settings of the game, I couldn't find anything that would've fix this. Based on the solution mentioned above related to the sample rate, I tried to check which one Warframe uses, but couldn't find that information anywhere, neither if it is even possible to change it. Therefore, even if no one knows how to solve the problem itself, if at least there is any possibility to check, or even better, change the sample rate and bit-width of the game, I may be able to figure out something. Not exactly a bug and quite a specific problem, but I would really apreciate the help and this seemed like the best place to report it.

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