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Suggestion for Conclave balancing


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First off I just want to be completely transparent here, I admit that this idea comes from Destiny and if anyone wants to bash me for it you are welcome to do so. Okay, moving on.

One of the main issues of Conclave is that the parkour system of Warframe is so expansive and intense that regular gunplay becomes difficult due to Warframes just flying all over the place.

Suggestion: Accuracy penalty while airborne.

Reasoning: The developers of Destiny implemented an accuracy penalty for all airborne players because they wanted to prevent veterans from abusing the movement system.

Warframe's movement system is far more extreme than Destiny's hence I see an even greater benefit for airborne accuracy penalty in Warframe than in Destiny, because the movement system is inherently overpowered.

This will also give more melee weapons a chance to compete in the conclave (right now Ive only ever seen Zaws, Nikana Prime and Tipedo) since they have no accuracy to lose in the first place.

Possible issues: It can be argued that this feature goes against the innate design and flow of Warframe being a very fast-paced horde shooter, but I think that this will create a sort of uniqueness to the Conclave with players having to obey different rules.

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