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Dear De...Please fix the Obex's clown shoe's appearance...please...please...please...


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The title says it all...The Prisma Obex fists portions are fine..awesome looking in fact... and then you get to the feet...it's there where the clown music starts and doesn't stop...they just don't work on any frame and it's so disheartening since I love this little knuckle sandwich of awesome energy procs,... so much so that it pains me when I have to see those awkward blocks attached to the toes...and the Kogake Prime is just beauty well rounded for both foot and fist while mocking my favorite wrecking balls with their non energy boons and benefits while riding on fashion frame to save them...So please...can we get pass on them to change their appearances for the better when it comes to the feet...allow the Corporus and Grineer to be launched into the sky with some dignity....


Thank you...

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